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One Hub

Connetric is a USB-C hub that allows you to access the most commonly used ports, such as HDMI and up to 3 USB 3.0 ports! Connetric is the resourceful hub that has everything you need for an effective workspace.

Key Features

Suitable for New Apple MacBooks ChromeBook Pixel and other Type C devices

HDMI support extension and mirror,compatible with 4K Video;

High speed data transmission up to 5Gbps through USB 3.0 port

USB-C /F(PD) power charging (input) up to 60W (20V/3A)

Ditch the Dongles

Cut the cords, Ditch the dongles. Connetric gives you everything you need in a small, compact package. Take full advantage of your USB-C ports with Connetric.


Unlike any other dongle or adaptor on the market, Connetric, comes with built in wireless charging!

With Connetric, you can utilize 4K HDMI connection, while also charging your laptop, wirelessly charging your phone, and utilizing the 3 USB ports to charge 3 other devices, all at lighting speed!

Connect. Freely.

Supports upstream power charging

USB-C port compliant with USB3.1 specs

USB-C port supports reversible plug

PD charge power upto 60W(20V/3A)

USB Type-C Display port Alt Mode

Your Charging Station

HDD storage and data transmission Standard USB-A port

USB3.0 standard 5Gbps transmission

Supports read and write data, USB disk,card reader, keyboard ,mouse, SSD, digital camera etc.

USB3.0 single port power output max to 4.5W (5V/0.9A)

Mobile phone charging support

What people are saying...

Margaret E.

"This is fantastic! Exactly what I've been looking for."

Fred S.

"Connetric is amazing. I've been using it to expand the abilities of my Macbook."

Sarah W.

"Perfect for anyone who has too many devices!"

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